auto detailing


Superior hand wash

Our recommended maintenance regimen, with a gentle Optimum No Rinse gentle hand wash on the exterior, barrels and faces of wheels are cleaned, along with a rinse of the wheel wells. Followed up with a Microfiber and compressed air dry of the exterior for a spot free finish. Optimum Spray Wax is then massaged into all exterior paint surfaces to provide that showroom shine! 

On the interior, a light vaccum while doors, dash, and all interior surfaces are wiped down with our pH-neutral cleaner. With rubber mats rinsed free of dirt, crystal clear windows along with no sling tire dressing tops off the exterior look.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $135 | Midsize $150 | Over-Size $165


Superior Exterior DEtail

Our Signature Exterior Detail adds shine and protection in one package. The detail will keep your paint looking fresh but is not designed to remove any swirls or scratches in the paint. 

This includes a Optimum No Rinse deep clean of the exterior, along with a complete decontamination, mechanically with a clay mitt, and comically with Ferrex Iron Remover.

A single stage polish + sealant is used to top off this package, providing shine and protection with a polymer sealant.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $225 | Midsize $240 | Over-Size $255


Superior interior Detail

Restore you interior with our Signature Interior Detail. Including a deep clean of all interior surfaces, removing any dirt, and odors. All carpets and cloth seats are shampooed and deep cleaned with an extractor. Leather seats are cleaned with pH-neutral cleaner, then conditioned with our high quality conditioner. 

Any stains on the headliner are gently massaged out with special cleaners, along with cleaning of spare tire and trunk areas. Followed up with a Gentle Hand Wash.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $225 | Midsize $240 | Over-Size $255

*This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.