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What is Paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent Repair or “PDR” is a process able to remove a wide variety of dent, dings, and minor collisions. PDR does not include the use of chemicals, all while keeping the original paint and restoring the vehicle back to it pre-accident condition. Superior Dent Repair is set apart for the dedication to no using body fillers, paint or bondo unlike our competitors.


What is Restoring and Protective Detailing?

We take pride in offering a detailing service along with the PDR, enabling us to restore your vehicle back to it original condition, in other words, bringing it back to the “Brand New” feel. Our detailing methods and products allow us to not only clean the interior, and exterior of your car, but allows us to clean and preserve your vehicles paint, leather, cloth, carpet, vinyl and many more surfaces found on cars today.

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