Motorcycle dent repair

You never wanted it to happen, your brand new.. scratch that, your soon to be 50 year old original Harley now has a dent in the tank, or perhaps has always had that dent in the back fender ever since the day you bought it. Traditionally, you’d have to sand off the precious original Harley paint, or the high dollar custom paint job on your show bike. Superior Dent Repair is here to change that, we are able to repair and removal those annoying, unsightly dents from your motorcycle.


The process of motorcycle dent repair

Superior Dent Repair has custom built, specialty tools built specifically for repairing motorcycle tanks, fenders, and most other metal items on your bike. With a tank, typically we go through the gas fill tube, on most carbureted tanks this is the only access. On the newer EFI tanks, we most likely have access through the fuel pump area, by removing this we have a larger access area to the tank and can remove larger dents.

The fenders and more open areas are typically easier, with the fender on the bike we are able to leverage off the top of the tire and able to remove the dents.

All these repairs can be done on the bike, or can be taken off the bike and attached to our custom built vise, able to gently and securely hold the body piece to repair it correctly.